Organize your subscriptions efficiently

Create mailing lists to target your audience
Sort your subscriptions in mailing lists that correspond to various standard profiles. By customizing your newsletters based on these lists, your campaigns will be more targeted and efficient.
Import and export your own lists of contacts (Excel, text, csv files)
Managing your contact lists has never been this easy. From various sources, gather your subscriptions (personal contacts, clients, etc.) and file them in lists.
Subscribe or unsubscribe
people easily
Manage your subscriptions conveniently, whether you need to add or remove a contact. With just a few clicks, the content of your lists of subscribers can quickly be updated.
No limited number of subscribers
You have at your disposal unlimited space to welcome all your subscribers. This way, they will be more accessible under a single platform.
Edit your subscriptions one by one or in batch
Make necessary changes to your subscriptions easily. Apply them to one, several or all your subscribers.