An affordable email marketing solution

To simplify newsletter mailing

Abrizo lets you send newsletters according to your customized mailing lists that correspond to various audience profiles. Newsletters being an ideal means for remaining engaged with your audience, Abrizo is the perfect solution for easy mailing and reduced workload.

To see your newsletters' results

Abrizo provides comprehensive statistics that lets you know if your newsletters have been received and if they have been read or not. This way, you will be able to assess the success of your campaigns and adapt them according to their results.

For Vortex Solution's expertise

Since 1998, Vortex Solution has been working in the Web industry and has carried out over 3000 website projects for various clients. Through its expertise, Vortex Solution was able to develop software tailored to various types of needs.

For continuous support

Vortex Solution has a 24/7 support department that will answer your questions at all times.